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    • February 19
      Lent 2018
      Wherever you find yourself in your faith life, we welcome you to come join us on this year's Lenten Journey. Click through to see what is happening.
    • February 18
      Soup Truck Run February 25
      Would you like to prepare sandwiches or baked goods for the Lazarus House soup truck run on Sunday, February 25? Click on the title of this entry for full details.
    • February 18
      Lenten Gospel Giving—laundry detergent or toiletries this week
      It's Lenten Gospel Giving time once again! Click on the title of this entry for more information about this program and what we are collecting each week during Lent.
    • February 17
      Catholic Appeal 2018
      Your gift to the Catholic Appeal helps the ministries of the Archdiocese of Boston as well as those within our parish do great things. Thank you for your support! Click on the title of this entry to learn more.
    • January 25
      Pope Video for February-Say No to Corruption
      That those who have material, political or spiritual power may resist any lure of corruption.
    • June 3
      Archdiocesan Pastoral Planning: Phase VI-XI Collaboratives Named
      Wondering how things are going with the Archdiocesan "Disciples in Mission" reorganization plan? Click on the title of this entry to go to the Archdiocesan "Disciples in Mission" website.
  • All Are Welcome

    If you are alienated or upset,
    we welcome you lovingly.

    If you are in need of forgiveness,
    Jesus forgives you completely—
    with unconditional love.

    If you have been hurt by the Church, we are truly sorry.

    If you are angry,
    Jesus offers you peace.

    If life has become burdensome,
    we are here to support you.

    We are happy you are here
    and want you to stay.

    We would like to share
    our lives with you.

    Come join us each week
    so we can worship God together. 

  • Parish Vision

    a Catholic community of
    commitment, passion and love

    our faith through dynamic liturgy
    and a rich sacramental life

    all into the warmth of our parish family

    the gifts God entrusted to us

    to learn, live and share our faith